Sunday, December 11, 2011

Its Official I have finished my Christmas Shopping with 2 weeks to spare...Carolyne Roehm
Now the only thing left to do is wrap them all, which may be my favorite part! I love nicely wrapped presents, it makes the whole experience so much nicer, whether you're giving or receiving.
This is how I wrapped gifts last year, and they looked so nice under the tree.
I usually go to Paper Source to get my wrapping paper, ribbons and things for christmas. Here are some great examples of fun wrapping ideas to inspire your packages, boxes and bags this year.
Last year, while sitting in amazement as I wrapped, told me I that she was impressed with my wrapping skills but that I must be a "wrapping snob." But I firmly believe that how a present is wrapped show just as much thought and effort as what is inside. And great wrapping doesn't have to be expensive; wrapping presents in newspaper or craft paper, with a great ribbon or bow look adorable- and if you hit Michael's craft store with a coupon, usually are budget and earth friendly options too!
I grew up learning that wrapping was just as important as the gift inside, and learned how to wrap well at a young age. But if you are not a wrapping aficionado, here are some great places for inspiration, tips, and how-to's.
Until Next Time,
Happy Holidays and Happy Blogging
P.S. Trying to cut back on the trips to Starbucks this holiday season, looking for a good peppermint mocha recipe, any suggestions? Please let me know!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Look what I found... Ink Spot Workshop

I was looking around online today and found this super cute website were you can get some adorable and cute personalized stationary, recipe boxes, and some other cute little items.
Check it out, Ink Spot Workshop !
I'm in love with these cute little cupcake toppers...
Holiday Lights Fondant Toppers
The personalized holiday recipe boxes...
and the clipboard calendars...
InkSpot Workshop Designs Wall Hanging Clipboard Calendar
... its all so cute!!
So head on over and take a look, and let me know what some of you're favorite items are
you might even find some last minute christmas gifts!
Until Next time,
Happy Holidays & Happy Blogging

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter with Jcrew

I stopped into J. Crew yesterday after work for a quick peak before meeting a friend for coffee, and I fell in love with almost everything that they had out! Here are some things that I'm loving right now. There are so may cute shoes, cozy sweaters; I was in heaven... if only my wallet were in agreement with me.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Here...

Thats right, I started with week with the first delicious peppermint mocha of the season in the infamous red cup. Thats right the starbucks christmas cups are here, which means its the holidays... not to mention the 12 inches of snow this past weekend at home only further supports my claim. This means, I can watch christmas movies and listen to holiday music whenever, begin visiting the Christmas in Boston store, and serious start my christmas shopping! Only 22 days to thanksgiving, only 28 days to Christmas tree lighting on the commons and only 52 days till christmas.
And my roommate this year says its a bit to early for any sort of holiday talk, but I love christmas !

Friday, October 28, 2011


Luckily the regatta had a beautiful weekend this year, unlike last year when it rained. It was a ton of fun; there were a ton people out; that was a little overwhelming; if you've been following for a while you know I am not a fan of crowds. But it was a ton of fun again, kettle corn, fried dough, fresh lemonade, the best!
The Starting line
Sail Boats Along the Charles
The City
They're wearing Pink
This little 3-legged guy was so cute, and so happy to be out and about. He put a smile on my face!
Until Next Time, Happy Blogging

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time flies...

Lately my papa has been telling me "there's no do overs, do everything you can do now." And its definitely true. Lately I couldn't even tell you where all my time has gone. But all the sudden this semester is almost over, the holiday season is just weeks away and the just around the corner is graduation. Yikes! Its hard to believe that time had gone by this fast. It seems like yesterday was the first day of high school, being dropped off at the door for freshman orientation, or the first year of college, but those days were so long ago.
So remember, there are no do-overs, do everything you can now.
No do-overs, no regrets!
Happy Blogging!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Regatta Season

Its only about 2 weeks until the Head of the Charles regatta, I'm so excited. I don't row but I love going to watch, some of you may have seen my pictures form last year's regatta. And it is usually a cold rainy day so I've come up with a few different outfit choices: one for a unusually warm day, like this past weekend, one for a cool crisp fall day, and another most, the most probable, for a wet and rainy day.
No matter what the weather its sure to be a ton of fun, I love traditions like this, the races, the people watching, the kettle corn (yum!), its the perfect fall day. I'll be posting a bunch of pictures of the regatta in a few weeks. The regatta is October 22-23 so keep checking back!
Until Next Time,
Happy Blogging

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Winter Coats

Hi everyone! I'm sorry its been so long since my last post, its been so chaotic here. But not that things have calmed down a little, I'm back!!
In preparation for the cold winters here in Boston, I went out and bought a new winter coat. I ended up with a long patagonia, to keep my legs nice and warm walking through the city. J. Crew however, always has some of the cutest coats in some of the cutest colors. I'm loving these coats from J. Crew in the yellow and pink.
I'm also obsessed with winter vests, I recently bought a navy vest with a fur lining (fuax fur of course), it is my new favorite clothing item. And I am in love with vineyard vines aqua colored fleece vest. They are so warm and cute, especially with riding boots.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's finally fall! I'm so excited this is the official start of my favorite time of year. All the things we love are coming back, sweaters, pea coats, vests, boots, blazers, scarves, pumpkin bread and pumpkin spiced lattes, apple pie, dark nail polishes, camel colored accessories.... I'm so excited. It doesn't quit feel like fall yet but its so close. What do you love about fall?

Monday, September 12, 2011

So Little Time...

I've just begun my SENIOR year. I can't believe it, time has flown so quickly. Although senior year seems like it may be a tad bit easier this year, I'm taking less classes and some fun classes, like ceramics (which I used to teach at day camp and I'm so excited to be starting up again). But I can't forget that there is still work to be done. I'm applying to law school this year and can't loose focus preparing for the LSAT, I have to do all my application and get all my recommendations and transcripts sent out, I started a year long internship with a child's advocacy program with juvenile court system here in boston, and am applying for a management/supervisor promotion at work for this year. So much going on...
I am really excited that this year all my friends are 21 so we can go out, have some fun and no one gets left behind in the dorms. Some of my friends even have apartments with some amazing roof decks with great city views; great for hanging out and parties. I also plan on taking over their kitchens for baking extravaganzas! So despite everything that is going on, I'm so excited to start my senior year (i'll never get used to saying that), I just know its going to be a blast!!
Until Next time
Happy Blogging

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fist Day of Classes

Today I, both excitedly and sadly start classes for my senior year in college. The past three years went by so fast, its unbelievable. Unfortunately its a bit, cold and wet today, so it was a bit disappointing, its always harder to get out of bed and bound to class in the warm sun. But heres a great first day of classes outfit, that warm, cozy and cute for the first day

frist day of classes ... in the rain

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School Shopping Trip

Hi everyone!
So I wanted to share some amazing steals I've found this summer, mostly for heading back to school. In addition to volunteering at the hospital, I'm going to be interning with a children's advocate program in the juvenile court system this year and I am so so excited. Not only to get a peak at the court system, access to their legal library (I know, I'm excited about a library, but what can I say I'm a study hound), spending some time actually in court, but even more exciting then all this: New cloths!!
I like to be well dressed and put together on a normal basis, I will refuse to leave the room in sweats, and people sometimes tell me I'm over dressed (even in jeans, a cute top and a cardigan) But no more- I get to wear grown up cloths almost everyday and no one can say a thing !! So I've started picking up some more professional clothing and things so I'll be all set come September when I start. I've found some AMAZING deals and I wanted to show you guys.
I finally got my Lilly agenda in! I'm so excited and have already started filling it with all my important dates and event for the year.
I found this super cute and comfy sweater at target, I don't think you can tell from the picture but its got short sleeves. I wouldn't probably be wearing this to work but I couldn't pass it up, its just too comfy.
I also got this black draping sweater, so cute over any top with black pants or a cute skirt, an awesome marshall's find!
Another Great Find was this Polo sweater, I am in love with the pink and navy combination. This may be my new favorite item in my closet.
I got three cute tops at marshall's as well to wear to work, starting at $10. Who doesn't love a bargain like that.
While I was on vacation I found these really cute shoes. They fold up into their own little pouch you can throw into your purse, so you have a spare pair of shoes if your feet stare to hurt. So cute, they came in a few other colors too, including a silvery pewter color I was in love with but they didn't have my size.
For work I found these gorgeous Ralph Lauren heels at DSW, they look so nice on and are so classic. They are suprisingly comfortable too.
I know I've posted about these before, I was so excited when I first saw them online. They look just like a pair of Kate Spade shoes that were out not to long ago. These however didn't come with such a large pricetag, and when I finally bought them I was so excited. These are frim payless for only $27.
I also have been in desperate need of a new bag for some time now, I have been using my vineyard vines tote, and unfortunately it has become a little threadbare. My Marshall's always has really cute designer bags at amazing prices, so I was planning on just scouting out marshall's until I found one. But I found this at Aldo, and I love it! it sits so nicely on the arm and I love the gold hardware. Its also big enough to fit all my things in it.
Have you found at great back to school bargains recently?
Until Next Time
Happy Blogging!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Decorate Your Dorm

Only 5 weeks until its back to school! That means putting together the dorm again, one last time! Its hard to believe college has gone by so quickly! But I love putting my room together every year. There are a ton of very cute things out this year!
I'm thinking of getting a new duvet cover for the upcoming year. I know I posted last year about my new monogramed duvet, but i found that a solid color showed spots much more then my patterned one before it, so I'm getting a new one. But I can't decide, so I'm taking a vote:
Damask Duvet Cover, Twin, Deep Pink
(minus the black sheets)
Bella Floral Duvet Cover & Sham

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fall Favorites Preview

So the stores are staring to release their fall previews. I can't wait to go shopping, I'm loving them! Here are some of the things I'm loving from J. Crew right now!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Most adorable cookies I've ever seen

I found a bakery that makes the most adorable cookies and cakes I've ever seen.
Its the Whipped Bake Shop, in Philadelphia; their creations are just too cute to eat!

Look it's a messy desk cake!

and look at all the cute cookies...
Look Thats a Cookie!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gifts for the Graduate

Its that time of year again, graduation time! My sister was one of the graduates this year. Graduating high school. We had an awesome party, tropical summer theme, I blogged about a few weeks ago. But what do you get these grads, if you don't like giving money, that will be spent on summer fun, and not college essentials like you intended. I have to admit I went a little crazy putting together my sisters grad gift, but I came up with some good ideas that make great grad gifts. All of which are essentials for the college freshmen, even the wrapping was a super cute laundry bag. Now unfortunately the gift was unwrapped before I managed to take any pictures but I thought I could still share some ideas.
1. Takeout menus organizer- obviously the college students' best friend, I filled my sister's with a few menus I've order from before to get her started.
2. Hangers- you can always use more hangers
3. College gear- I know, an obvious choice, but always a crowd pleaser
4. Games- like table topics college edition, catch phrase, apples to apples are great ways to help the grad make new friends in college. I know I've played rounds of catch phrase with about 15 people that go into the wee hours of the night.
5. Something to cuddle with when you're homesick- sometime you just miss home, and it helps to pop in a good movie and to have a soft cuddle buddy like this adorable teddy bear.
6. College "fun" money- by which I really mean quarters for the laundry. You can buy little piggy banks like this or if you like me and love craft projects, you can paint one. I bought a plain white bank at my michael's store (with a coupon of course) and painted the piggy bank in school colors and filled it with enough quarters for a few laundry cycles... or one frozen yogurt plus delivery and tip :)
7. Activities- midnight frisbee on the quad and nerf battles in the dorm halls are soo much fun!!
8. Towels
9. Note cards- because its fun to send and receive mail (just don't forget stamps, I know my college bookstore is always out of them)
10. Planner/Agenda- to keep the grad organized and on top of work, classes and appointments in between all the fun
11. Travel mug- to keep the grad well caffeinated on the go
12. Chocolate chip cookie recipe- because I can ensure you (at least at my school) the smell of cookies baking done the hall, is one of the best ways to meet new people. Plus its a nice surprise to get a knock on the door to fresh baked cookies :)
Well here are some ideas I've though of or have decided are essential for college life!
Until next time,
Happy blogging

Friday, June 3, 2011


Hi Everyone,
I found this great site, Fornash! They have the cutest jewelry and accessories, like bangles, rings, necklaces and headbands, is such cute colors. I want to buy practically everything in the store.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

...Finally back to blogging and Grad Party

Hi everyone,
I know it been forever since I last blogged. I've been on blogger constantly and just haven't had time to actually write a post. First there were finals, then as soon as I got home I was running around trying to finish the planning my my little sis' graduation party, which was interrupted by a surprise visit to the animal hospital emergency room after my poor little puppy somehow found and ate a bottle of aleve. But now thats all over and I can finally relax...
So like I said, my little sis graduated high school on sunday and we had a big party for her! Her party had a tropical theme, so we got brightly colored flowers, mango chicken, and my favorite... Pink Flamingos!! You know those pink garden flamingos, they just made me laugh when I saw them in target I had to get them! Here are some pictures of the graduation and the party!
Class of 2011
the fam
my little sis and my great grandma
BU Balloons I bought ! Little cokes!
BU Cupcakes we made her!!
Until Next Time,
Happy Blogging

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding

So exciting! I was up bright and early to watch the royal wedding, as I'm sure many of you are. I've been waiting for weeks for to watch the wedding, I even considered buying a fancy hat, like the ones you see the new princess in all the time.
I love her dress, it was gorgeous! I wish I could have gone to London to be part of all the excitement!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Award, etc...

Hi Everyone,

I Got the JOB.. Yay! I will officially be interning (basically) this summer at Brigham and Women's Hospital!

on another note...

Thanks so much to The Short Blonde Girl for the award!

My seven facts:

1. I love to cook and bake! I love trying new recipes and new things, my latest project, learning to make parisian macarons (I'll post soon!)

2. I want to go on to law school after graduation... I think

3. I got a new puppy last summer, and we aren't sure what breed she is, maybe mini Australian shepherd, corgi mix, who knows.

4. I love anything and everything pomegranate... juice, yogurt, chapstick, you name it.

5. I have one younger sister, she is graduating high school in May, it make me seem so old.

6. One of my favorite snacks: ritz cracker with a little chocolate frosting, trust me it may sound weird but its delicious.

Until next time,

Happy Blogging

Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm so excited, I have an interview this week at one of the big hospitals here in Boston, now just what to wear? I usually like to go more conservative and classic, but there are still so many options.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011