Wednesday, May 25, 2011

...Finally back to blogging and Grad Party

Hi everyone,
I know it been forever since I last blogged. I've been on blogger constantly and just haven't had time to actually write a post. First there were finals, then as soon as I got home I was running around trying to finish the planning my my little sis' graduation party, which was interrupted by a surprise visit to the animal hospital emergency room after my poor little puppy somehow found and ate a bottle of aleve. But now thats all over and I can finally relax...
So like I said, my little sis graduated high school on sunday and we had a big party for her! Her party had a tropical theme, so we got brightly colored flowers, mango chicken, and my favorite... Pink Flamingos!! You know those pink garden flamingos, they just made me laugh when I saw them in target I had to get them! Here are some pictures of the graduation and the party!
Class of 2011
the fam
my little sis and my great grandma
BU Balloons I bought ! Little cokes!
BU Cupcakes we made her!!
Until Next Time,
Happy Blogging

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