Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am not a huge cake fan, but cupcakes are the perfect portion.
I found these super cute cupcake wrappers!
Can you imagine how cute it would look for a party !!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cute and Preppy school Supplies

I absolutely buying school supplies!
I found these super cute binders at target and can not wait to get back to school and use them! They are super cute! I love getting super cute supplies, it always makes taking notes and going to class so much fun!! Also super cute are the patterned pencils and highlighters from Vera Bradley and Lilly, both super cute and preppy! But another of my new favorites is post-it highlighters. They are great, they are great highlighters with post-it flags on the end.
So this year have some fun and bring some color to your classes!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School Shopping Trip

I may have mentioned a few time that I LOVE outlet shopping and bargain shopping. So I jumped at an invite to go to Freeport, ME for a back to school shopping trip, and I got some great finds.
Ralph Lauren Polo Button Down
I have been looking for a shirt like this for a pretty long time but they just never fit right. Well the search is now over, I now have my pink and preppy button down, for a great price too.
North Face Jacket
I got this super cute North Face at an great price, I just couldn't leave it there. Its great for a casual day in lounge wear or a quick trip to the gym. I just love it, and the blue strip on the arm adds a cute pop of color.
Banana Republic brings a new twist on the sweatshirt
I am in LOVE with this piece. Any one who knows me knows I don't like to leave my room in sweats, but Banana Republic has come tot he rescue. This super cute piece gives the sweatshirt a pulled together look, so you can be comfy and look great at the same time, you can even dress it up. I have a feeling this may become a new favorite!!
I love accessories, this scarf and hair clips are super cute. I wear scarves all the time and I'm loving the golden yellow color of the scarf, especially in the fun animal print. I also got these super cute jeweled bobby pins, they give a little bit of pop to any outfit.
Cardigans Galore !!!!
I wear a cardigan basically every day. So on this shopping trip I decided to stock up! I got two of my favorites, the Jackie Cardigan from J Crew, and a Pink one from the Gap. You can never have enough Cardigans !! :D

Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting Ready for Back to School

I'm down to about three weeks until I move back to school, and I've started my back to school shopping, which is my favorite part of heading back to school. To start this off I got a new planner and a new wallet from Vera Bradley.
When I'm at school I constantly need to have my ID at the tips of my fingers, along with money and other cards. This wallet has plenty of space for all your money, ID's, credit cards and every thing else you'll need to carry.
The planner is super cute and is separated into monthly and weekly calendars, so there is plenty of room for all your appointments. There are also holidays preprinted in, some that are super cute like, make up your own holiday day and international roast a marshmallow day, which I will definitely be celebrating. And when I bought the wallet and planner I got a free change purse in the same pattern, which I absolutely love.
I'll be back with more back to school updates including: cute and preppy school supplies, and a report on my back to school shopping spree in Freeport, Maine
Until Then Happy Blogging

Monday, August 9, 2010

cute and colorful

Summer seems to be going by so quickly, so keep summer going with cute colorful nail polish and accessories. I was in a small gift store while on vacation a few weeks ago and found this cute flowered ring. It has inspired me to widen my nail polish horizons to more then just pink an reds. Pink, purple, orange, green and blue rhinestones pull together your otherwise over daring polish and adds some fun to a summer outfit.