Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stay Tune !

Hi, everyone
Its starting to become crunch time here at school, only a couple weeks left and getting to be finals time so, my postings might be a little less frequent but I'll do my best to post every few days. I'm testing out some products now so look for some postings for A Week of the Best Bath Shop, a great little company out of Massachusetts thats sells bath products, and ways to keep your skin looking clean and preppy. Stay Tune !!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Perfect face

One of the essential staples of being preppy is a fresh face, with a clean simple look and no heavy makeup. I just got these makeup brushes from Eco Tools at Target. They are by far the softest brushes I have ever put to my face. They work just as well as many much more expensive makeup brushs I own but they where about half the price; The set which included a face brush, concealer brush, eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush and brow/lash groomer was about $11 and the large blush brush was $8. They are definitely my new favorite beauty tools!

Give them and try and check out they entire line of products, its definitely worth a try.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Always Prepared

Always be prepared with paper and pen! I always try to have a small notebook and pen in my purse. Its great when you want to write done quick thoughts, to do's, or gift ideas when you are out and about. I love these pocket papers by Vera Bradley; the classic Moleskine notebooks now come in really great colors, like pinks, greens, blues, then of course the classic black. Always be prepared with these cute notebooks that will look cute and keep you organized all at the same time!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Calling Cards

You are sure to make an impression on everyone when you pull out these! Whether its a possible job opportunity or a new friend. You can be sure they won’t loose your contact information. I got these as a graduation gift from high school and I love them, I always carry some in my purse. You can get them in so many different designs from Crane’s, or any other fine stationary store. I even have a cute little pink leather case for mine. And if you want a little less traditional look try the MiniCards from, I gave them to my sister for her sixteenth birthday and they where a hit!

No preppy girl should be without them!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pink and Preppy Nail Polish to get you Ready for Spring

Help Spring arrive a little early with some pretty nail polish in some pretty shades of pink or a bright and timeless red. OPI offers so many great shades that can bring some spring to your life even in the deepest depths of winter, including: Big Apple Red (Left), Didgeridoo Your Nails? (Middle) or Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot!(Right).
Finish them off with OPI Drip Dry drops (not pictured). I love this product, it helps your polish dry to the touch in seconds and makes giving yourself a mani or pedi quick and simple!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Perfect Pink Bag

The perfect pink bag is a must. No matter what color you live your life by there is always that perfect bag. It fits your arm perfectly, holds your life and will always go with your outfit.

I found my pink perfect bag; and like always...its pink and preppy. I stumbled across it, while digging through the rack at Marshalls, when I spotted it...a pink and striped Dooney & Bourke satchel at more than half off, I had to have it. I absolutely love it, its adorable, preppy and classic enough that it will hopefully never go out of style.

Your perfect bag doesn’t have to be expensive or have a designer label; You just have to love it. For me and my pink and preppy way of life, its perfect!