Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School Shopping Trip

Hi everyone!
So I wanted to share some amazing steals I've found this summer, mostly for heading back to school. In addition to volunteering at the hospital, I'm going to be interning with a children's advocate program in the juvenile court system this year and I am so so excited. Not only to get a peak at the court system, access to their legal library (I know, I'm excited about a library, but what can I say I'm a study hound), spending some time actually in court, but even more exciting then all this: New cloths!!
I like to be well dressed and put together on a normal basis, I will refuse to leave the room in sweats, and people sometimes tell me I'm over dressed (even in jeans, a cute top and a cardigan) But no more- I get to wear grown up cloths almost everyday and no one can say a thing !! So I've started picking up some more professional clothing and things so I'll be all set come September when I start. I've found some AMAZING deals and I wanted to show you guys.
I finally got my Lilly agenda in! I'm so excited and have already started filling it with all my important dates and event for the year.
I found this super cute and comfy sweater at target, I don't think you can tell from the picture but its got short sleeves. I wouldn't probably be wearing this to work but I couldn't pass it up, its just too comfy.
I also got this black draping sweater, so cute over any top with black pants or a cute skirt, an awesome marshall's find!
Another Great Find was this Polo sweater, I am in love with the pink and navy combination. This may be my new favorite item in my closet.
I got three cute tops at marshall's as well to wear to work, starting at $10. Who doesn't love a bargain like that.
While I was on vacation I found these really cute shoes. They fold up into their own little pouch you can throw into your purse, so you have a spare pair of shoes if your feet stare to hurt. So cute, they came in a few other colors too, including a silvery pewter color I was in love with but they didn't have my size.
For work I found these gorgeous Ralph Lauren heels at DSW, they look so nice on and are so classic. They are suprisingly comfortable too.
I know I've posted about these before, I was so excited when I first saw them online. They look just like a pair of Kate Spade shoes that were out not to long ago. These however didn't come with such a large pricetag, and when I finally bought them I was so excited. These are frim payless for only $27.
I also have been in desperate need of a new bag for some time now, I have been using my vineyard vines tote, and unfortunately it has become a little threadbare. My Marshall's always has really cute designer bags at amazing prices, so I was planning on just scouting out marshall's until I found one. But I found this at Aldo, and I love it! it sits so nicely on the arm and I love the gold hardware. Its also big enough to fit all my things in it.
Have you found at great back to school bargains recently?
Until Next Time
Happy Blogging!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Decorate Your Dorm

Only 5 weeks until its back to school! That means putting together the dorm again, one last time! Its hard to believe college has gone by so quickly! But I love putting my room together every year. There are a ton of very cute things out this year!
I'm thinking of getting a new duvet cover for the upcoming year. I know I posted last year about my new monogramed duvet, but i found that a solid color showed spots much more then my patterned one before it, so I'm getting a new one. But I can't decide, so I'm taking a vote:
Damask Duvet Cover, Twin, Deep Pink
(minus the black sheets)
Bella Floral Duvet Cover & Sham