Saturday, March 24, 2012

Smart and Savvy Shopping Tips

So over my spring break it was cold and there was snow every where, unlike this week which was purely amazing! Over spring break however, in order to get my mind off of the unfavorable weather I did a little retail therapy and scored some great deals. I feel like I say this a lot, so I've decided to share my secrets. Anyone who know me knows I like buying nice, quality things, which can sometimes be a bit expensive. But despite my sometimes expensive taste, I am a bargain shopping expert! Its such a thrill when you get a great deal.
Here are some of the awesome things I got while on break! I got these great green suede J. Crew flats, these I have to admit weren't really one of "great deals." I had gotten a pair of gold glitter flats from J. Crew for christmas which fell apart after 2 weeks, so these were an exchange, but they are ADORABLE and so comfortable. I also got Skinny Bitch to help with my new years resolution of eating better, definitely a good read! Now for the real steals of the shopping trip. I got these adorable wedges at Macy's, which may just become my new favorite shoe, best part only $30 after some of my money saving tricks. I also picked up a Kate Spade twirl fragrance set, I've been wanting this for while which made it that much more exciting when I found it at such a great deal. I also got the book but the amazing Beverly Hill Housewife Lisa Vanderpump, who may be one of my favorite housewives.
Now for the good stuff! Here are some of my tips and tricks; many of these might seems rather obvious but if you ignore them you'll be losing out on a lot.
1. Pay attention to sale signs and stickers, I've gotten several amazing deals because things rung up incorrectly. The wedges I bought for example. They were marked 50% off but rung up 30%, had I not been paying attention I would have had to pay that extra 20%.
2. COUPONS- yep thats right, clip your coupons! Before I go shopping I always check for coupons, Lord & Taylor, the Limited, Macy's etc. usually have pretty good discounts.
3. Marshall's and TJ Maxx- These stores are the holy grail for bargain shopper.
4. Student Discounts- this may be the best tip I can give you! There are so many stores that will give you 10, 15, even 20% off to anyone with a student or teacher ID. Some of my favorites like J. Crew, Vineyard Vines, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, The LOFT, Club Monaco, just to name a few.
I'm always looking for new tips and tricks, what are some of your best bargain shopping tips?
Until next time,
Happy Blogging

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hello Again,
It is my last semester of college and its super busy all the time. I can't believe it is going by so fast. Only 86 days away from graduation! Yikes! But I digress ...
...This winter has been torture on my lips. They are always dry, cracked and sometimes split and bleeding. But i have found a few great, quick and easy fixes.
When I'm at home I will make a sugar scrub from honey, sugar and a little olive oil. But if you're stuck at school like I am most of the time, those ingredients aren't always readily available, so here are some of my favorite lip products this season.
Neosporin Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy
Neosporin came out with this new daily hydration therapy lip treatment, it is absolutely amazing. My lips were cracked and bleeding and this had them feeling healed and healthy in about 2-3 days. It was a bit expensive at around $6 at CVS when I bought it but if you have lips as bad as mine were its worth every penny.
Now at Sephora the birthday gift is a Fresh Lip treatment due! I was so excited; I've never bought a full size one because I always thought they were too much. But I tell you they are definitely worth the money, I'll be picking up a full size once I've used up these little freebies, they are AMAZING!
What of some of your best chapped lip fixers?
Until Next Time
Happy Blogging!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

So Many Cute Bracelets

I have see so many cute accessories inspired by sailing recently and I'd have to say I'm loving them. Like this Pink bracelet from Lemon & Line, this bracelet may be the only thing I think about for the next week.
Limited Edition Pink
...or this Sperry Topsiders sailcloth tote!
Sperry Top-sider Sperry Top-Sider Sailcloth Tote Medium.
...or how about the new collection fron Kiel James Patrick
I know that every summer nautical seems to be a big and classic style, but with all the new cruise wear collections coming out, nautical seems to be everywhere. And I can't hide my excitement.
Until next time
Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

THE LAST Semester!

So Tomorrow officially starts my last semester of college, Yikes! I can't believe its gone by so fast. And with this new semester comes so many new, fun, and exciting changes. I'm now living in a triple with some of my friends, starting a new manager position at work, and starting a new internship at Boston Children's Hospital :D
I'm worked so hard the first three years, and now I can relax a little with some great fun classes, like ceramics II, and still have time to have some fun during my last semester. And as something to look forward to, my friends and I are going to florida as a post grad trip this summer!
With all these exciting changes, I've made two new years resolutions.
1. Eat Healthy and Exercise - probably, like most people I know I need to take better care of my self, so I can feel better and be more efficient in everything I do
2. Have fun and not worry about the small things- I am a worry-wart. I worry about everything. I want to try and relax, stop worrying and enjoy life a little bit more.
What are some for your new years resolutions and goals?
Good Luck to everyone starting a new semester at school and happy new year to everyone!
Until Next time,
Happy Blogging

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Its Official I have finished my Christmas Shopping with 2 weeks to spare...Carolyne Roehm
Now the only thing left to do is wrap them all, which may be my favorite part! I love nicely wrapped presents, it makes the whole experience so much nicer, whether you're giving or receiving.
This is how I wrapped gifts last year, and they looked so nice under the tree.
I usually go to Paper Source to get my wrapping paper, ribbons and things for christmas. Here are some great examples of fun wrapping ideas to inspire your packages, boxes and bags this year.
Last year, while sitting in amazement as I wrapped, told me I that she was impressed with my wrapping skills but that I must be a "wrapping snob." But I firmly believe that how a present is wrapped show just as much thought and effort as what is inside. And great wrapping doesn't have to be expensive; wrapping presents in newspaper or craft paper, with a great ribbon or bow look adorable- and if you hit Michael's craft store with a coupon, usually are budget and earth friendly options too!
I grew up learning that wrapping was just as important as the gift inside, and learned how to wrap well at a young age. But if you are not a wrapping aficionado, here are some great places for inspiration, tips, and how-to's.
Until Next Time,
Happy Holidays and Happy Blogging
P.S. Trying to cut back on the trips to Starbucks this holiday season, looking for a good peppermint mocha recipe, any suggestions? Please let me know!