Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Its almost that time again...

Its almost that time again... Finals time!!
Classes are winding down for most of us and summer is looking oh so close. I have only 35 days until finals start. Make finals a little more fun with some of these super cute Lilly office supplies! Super cute sticky notes, agendas, note cubes, pens and highlighters. They are so cute !! who wouldn't like studying if you can use these!
Like I said finals are coming up, so posts may be scattered and less frequent but be sure that as soon as they are over, post will be pouring in!
Good luck to everyone who have finals in the near future!
Until Next time,
Happy Blogging!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Hi everyone!! So I got back from Rome a little more then a week ago, so I apologize that this post is so late, but I was feeling some serious effects of jet lag all last week. I did want to let you know how the trip went though! I feel like we saw absolutely everything in Rome (even though that would be impossible) in only a week, a little to much info in too short a time if you ask me but it was amazing. I took a ridiculous amount of photos too... Here is a short of photo time line of some of the things that we did. I took about 800 pictures so there is no way to show you them all but heres some of my favorite spots and photos!
The View from my window, you can see the Castel Sant'angelo
Cute Little Restaurants Everywhere
Me and a friend in front of the Pantheon with what else but...Gelato! delicious!
Its the Pope, hard to see but he's there.
The Trevi Fountain, I throw my coins in!
A not so great picture of me at the Colosseum!.. sun was in my eyes
Roman Forum!!
The statue on top of Castel San'angelo...like in Angels and Demons !!
Just Like Roman Holiday!!... I still have my hand :)
My picture of the Jewish Museum was photo-bombed
Look what I found outside a resraurant in the old Jewish Ghetto section of town...Its dino bread!! Sooo Cute
Thanks Until Next Time, Happy Blogging

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back in the U.S. ...

Hi everyone! So I'm back from Rome! It was an amazing trip. We got to see absolutely everything there is to see in Rome, and had some AMAZING food to go alone with it!! I got some great stuff I can't wait to show you all but for now Here are just some pictures of the trip!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Daily Beauty Routine

I thought I'd share some of my favorite items I use every day. 1. GoSmile- now I don't use this everyday but when every I think my teeth need to be a bit brighter, this is the best and fast whitener I have come a cross. You can see results after one treatment which takes just a few minutes. You don't even have to buy the full whitening systems to see results, I usually just buy the touch up packs, which are about $8, and they do the trick! 2.Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream - I have very fine, thin hair that left untreated or styled turns into a frizz ball, especially in the summer. This is amazing, its just the only word for it. 3. Mason Pearson Brush - This is my all time favorite item, that I couldn't live without. Now the one thing is this is an investment piece, it is expensive but completely worth it. Leaves you hair feeling so soft, and takes out any tangles easily and quickly.... if you haven't experienced one there is just no way to truly understand how incredible this brush is! 4. Straightening Iron and large Barrel Curling Iron- like I said my hair needs to be styled basically everyday especially if I'm not putting it up, so I either straighten it or curl it with a large barrel iron for big loose curls. 5. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Lotion- I'm really like how this moisturizer feels, plus I think smells like the beach! :) 6. Bare Essentials, Bare Minerals Makeup - I use this on and off, alternating with other foundations but this is one I keep going back too. It always gives a really natural look that does feel heavy. 7. MAC blush, Stila Lip Gloss, Maybelline Stiletto Lash Mascara and liquid Eyeliner - all currently part of my everyday makeup routine, these alternate and change constantly 8. Burberry Brit Perfume - I got this for Christmas and it smells amazing, its my new favorite and the packaging is super cute!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Airplane Friendly

Airplane Friendly
So as most of you know, Friday I leave for a week in Rome! So excited, so I decided to do a post about being airplane friendly. My flight is going to be about 7 hours, give or take, so I'm breaking my own rule. I'm wearing my sweat pants. I love these Nike be fit live strong pants, they are my go to lounge pant, and still look acceptable if you absolutely have to leave the room. A plain classic tee paired with a scarf and trench keep you looking clean and classic while traveling, while keeping you comfy. And don't for get to pack some good reading, and some music along with your ticket and passport if you need it, you won't get too far without them!