Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting Ready for Back to School

I'm down to about three weeks until I move back to school, and I've started my back to school shopping, which is my favorite part of heading back to school. To start this off I got a new planner and a new wallet from Vera Bradley.
When I'm at school I constantly need to have my ID at the tips of my fingers, along with money and other cards. This wallet has plenty of space for all your money, ID's, credit cards and every thing else you'll need to carry.
The planner is super cute and is separated into monthly and weekly calendars, so there is plenty of room for all your appointments. There are also holidays preprinted in, some that are super cute like, make up your own holiday day and international roast a marshmallow day, which I will definitely be celebrating. And when I bought the wallet and planner I got a free change purse in the same pattern, which I absolutely love.
I'll be back with more back to school updates including: cute and preppy school supplies, and a report on my back to school shopping spree in Freeport, Maine
Until Then Happy Blogging

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