Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School Shopping Trip

I may have mentioned a few time that I LOVE outlet shopping and bargain shopping. So I jumped at an invite to go to Freeport, ME for a back to school shopping trip, and I got some great finds.
Ralph Lauren Polo Button Down
I have been looking for a shirt like this for a pretty long time but they just never fit right. Well the search is now over, I now have my pink and preppy button down, for a great price too.
North Face Jacket
I got this super cute North Face at an great price, I just couldn't leave it there. Its great for a casual day in lounge wear or a quick trip to the gym. I just love it, and the blue strip on the arm adds a cute pop of color.
Banana Republic brings a new twist on the sweatshirt
I am in LOVE with this piece. Any one who knows me knows I don't like to leave my room in sweats, but Banana Republic has come tot he rescue. This super cute piece gives the sweatshirt a pulled together look, so you can be comfy and look great at the same time, you can even dress it up. I have a feeling this may become a new favorite!!
I love accessories, this scarf and hair clips are super cute. I wear scarves all the time and I'm loving the golden yellow color of the scarf, especially in the fun animal print. I also got these super cute jeweled bobby pins, they give a little bit of pop to any outfit.
Cardigans Galore !!!!
I wear a cardigan basically every day. So on this shopping trip I decided to stock up! I got two of my favorites, the Jackie Cardigan from J Crew, and a Pink one from the Gap. You can never have enough Cardigans !! :D

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