Sunday, December 11, 2011

Its Official I have finished my Christmas Shopping with 2 weeks to spare...Carolyne Roehm
Now the only thing left to do is wrap them all, which may be my favorite part! I love nicely wrapped presents, it makes the whole experience so much nicer, whether you're giving or receiving.
This is how I wrapped gifts last year, and they looked so nice under the tree.
I usually go to Paper Source to get my wrapping paper, ribbons and things for christmas. Here are some great examples of fun wrapping ideas to inspire your packages, boxes and bags this year.
Last year, while sitting in amazement as I wrapped, told me I that she was impressed with my wrapping skills but that I must be a "wrapping snob." But I firmly believe that how a present is wrapped show just as much thought and effort as what is inside. And great wrapping doesn't have to be expensive; wrapping presents in newspaper or craft paper, with a great ribbon or bow look adorable- and if you hit Michael's craft store with a coupon, usually are budget and earth friendly options too!
I grew up learning that wrapping was just as important as the gift inside, and learned how to wrap well at a young age. But if you are not a wrapping aficionado, here are some great places for inspiration, tips, and how-to's.
Until Next Time,
Happy Holidays and Happy Blogging
P.S. Trying to cut back on the trips to Starbucks this holiday season, looking for a good peppermint mocha recipe, any suggestions? Please let me know!

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