Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Big Thank You to Canadian Prep

Thank you to Canadian Prep for passing along this award!
And along with this it looks like I now have to reveal 7 things about myself. Most of which probably won't surprise most of you.
1. I absolutely hate being seen in sweat pants. Unlike most college students with ALL morning classes I refuse to ever leave my room, not to mention the building in sweatpants unless I am going to the gym. A nice looking pair of yoga pants is as close to "sweats" as I've ever come. It takes only seconds to put on real pants so there should be no reason not to come to class dressed.
2. I Love Pink (& green). obviously this probably comes as no surprise but I do live pink; a little to much depending on who you ask. A friend actually has told me my room is "too pink" as if there was such a thing. My room is covered in pink: pink monogramed duvet cover, pink drawers, pink mirror, pink pens, markers, post-it notes, pink lotion, right down to pink measuring spoons.
3. I am a shopping addict. I have come to realize that although I spend money relatively "wisely" I have become a bit of an addict. As some of you may have seen in an early post a few days ago I am trying to cut back and start saving more. I am an impulse bargain hunter. I love bargain shopping but am not afraid of spending a little money for a good quality piece. So when I see something or get something into my head that I "have" to have its hard to get it out. Plus when you are bargain shopping you can't hesitate; that deal of the century won't be there tomorrow. But I have started to change my ways. For instance yesterday I resisted buying these adorable hair clips, at the new Forever 21 on Newbury Street, they were only $5; but I came home with nothing; the same amount of money I left with.
4. I am addicted to shoes. Along with my shopping addiction; the biggest subsection of that would be shoes. I have a shoes collection that could rival Imelda Marcos....I might not be at her 2,700 pairs but I do have more shoes then any one person should probably admit to having. However... "Give a girl the right shoe, and she'll conquer the world." -Bette Midler
5. I love coffee and teas. Although I don't really feel the effects of caffeine but they just taste so good!
6. I love my pets. I currently a cat, Chloe, and a puppy, Mia. My first dog I had I got when I was 6 and she recently died, a year ago this week; so I've always had pets. I love them all more then anything :)
7. I want to be a great cook and baker! I think that would be so much fun to be able to whip up a brand new amazing meal off the top of my head; or make some of those AMAZING cake you see on tv. Some of them look too good to eat.


  1. I get the "You're room looks too pink" comment all the time, but I don't give a hoot!!! Pink power, baby! I truly do believe that pink is my happy color. I can't not smile when I see pink!

    And I love your#7. Such a good goal! It would be fab to be able to whip up deliciousness without effort.

  2. People always tell me that I need to cut back on the pink, but pink just makes me so happy! I also totally agree with number one--I NEVER go to classes in sweats. I'll go to Saturday or Sunday brunch with leggings/yoga pants on, but I don't think class should be the time you choose to look like you've just rolled out of bed!