Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back in the Swing of Things

Now that second semester has started up its time to get back into reality, as nice as winter break was. So when I moved back to school, I had to make sure my workspace was organized and ready to go.
I have a calendar, dry erase, and cork squares next to my desk so I can always know what I need to do and what is due when for all my classes. Each Class has a cork board and I put all appointments, due dates and events on the calendar. I also have a magnetic memo pad just incase I need to jot something done.
And you always have to make sure all your supplies are at your fingertips. I have fine sharpies thicker sharpies, highlighters, dry erase markers post-its etc. all with in easy access. I'm a post-it note and flash card addict. I use them for everything, notes, reminders, assignment info, I even have special sticky notes for to-do list.
Another amazing discovery for this past semester, Chegg! Its a place were you can rent or buy textbooks. I used to think I needed to buy every book brand new and keep it forever. But I quickly got over that after two semesters of used books each coasting $800 (and thats not an exaggeration). Plus with every purchase they plant a tree! So give it a try, this semester I spent less then $170 on textbooks thanks to Chegg.
I also love reorganizing and trying something new; how do you stay organized and ahead of the game? Any good tips and tricks?
Until next time,
Good luck to all the students on this semester and Happy Blogging!!

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