Monday, December 27, 2010

Now That Christmas is over...

After all the excitement and waiting christmas is over, but I was very lucky this year. I received some great gifts, which I'm very excited about.
One of which is my Kindle! I'm soo excited about this, I absolutely love it!
I also got the Vera Bradley weekender. I've wanted this for a really long time, I finally have it!
I got a new watch which I love from Fossil, The Burberry Brit perfume and a scarf...
Some super cute Ugg Earmuffs, an essential for this type of weather, there is currently about 20 inches of snow outside my door, that match the gloves I got at christmas.
I got one of the eye shadow sets from the MAC tartan collection, it is absolutely adorable!
From sister I got a super cute little gift set she put together. There are a few things you need to know about me before you can realize how perfect this gift was for me. I love ice cream, as in I eat it all year round and could probably live on ice cream alone. I also love cows, I don't really know why but I think they are cute and they have the most beautiful eyes when you see one up close. So my sister gave me a set of cow ice cream bowls, a cow ice cream scoop, and cow oven mitts, along with a ben & Jerry's ice cream lock (which is already protecting a container of chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer) and recipe book.
What did santa bring some of you?
Until Next time Happy Blogging, and a Happy New Year


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I've been trying to figure out if I should get a Nook or not. You'll have to tell me if you like the Kindle!

  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Kindle. Beside the post here, I did nothing but read all day! I personally didn't want the nook because I don't like touch screens, but I have a friend who has it and loves it. So its personal preference. They sell the kindle in a few stores now if you want to try it out!

  3. It looks like a great Christmas!!! Just found your blog and already love it!!