Saturday, March 24, 2012

Smart and Savvy Shopping Tips

So over my spring break it was cold and there was snow every where, unlike this week which was purely amazing! Over spring break however, in order to get my mind off of the unfavorable weather I did a little retail therapy and scored some great deals. I feel like I say this a lot, so I've decided to share my secrets. Anyone who know me knows I like buying nice, quality things, which can sometimes be a bit expensive. But despite my sometimes expensive taste, I am a bargain shopping expert! Its such a thrill when you get a great deal.
Here are some of the awesome things I got while on break! I got these great green suede J. Crew flats, these I have to admit weren't really one of "great deals." I had gotten a pair of gold glitter flats from J. Crew for christmas which fell apart after 2 weeks, so these were an exchange, but they are ADORABLE and so comfortable. I also got Skinny Bitch to help with my new years resolution of eating better, definitely a good read! Now for the real steals of the shopping trip. I got these adorable wedges at Macy's, which may just become my new favorite shoe, best part only $30 after some of my money saving tricks. I also picked up a Kate Spade twirl fragrance set, I've been wanting this for while which made it that much more exciting when I found it at such a great deal. I also got the book but the amazing Beverly Hill Housewife Lisa Vanderpump, who may be one of my favorite housewives.
Now for the good stuff! Here are some of my tips and tricks; many of these might seems rather obvious but if you ignore them you'll be losing out on a lot.
1. Pay attention to sale signs and stickers, I've gotten several amazing deals because things rung up incorrectly. The wedges I bought for example. They were marked 50% off but rung up 30%, had I not been paying attention I would have had to pay that extra 20%.
2. COUPONS- yep thats right, clip your coupons! Before I go shopping I always check for coupons, Lord & Taylor, the Limited, Macy's etc. usually have pretty good discounts.
3. Marshall's and TJ Maxx- These stores are the holy grail for bargain shopper.
4. Student Discounts- this may be the best tip I can give you! There are so many stores that will give you 10, 15, even 20% off to anyone with a student or teacher ID. Some of my favorites like J. Crew, Vineyard Vines, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, The LOFT, Club Monaco, just to name a few.
I'm always looking for new tips and tricks, what are some of your best bargain shopping tips?
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