Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spring Cleaning: 10 Things NOT to toss from your closet

As we get closer and closer to spring; it may be getting time to start thinking about spring cleaning. It may not be time to pack up all your sweaters and pull out the shorts and bathing suits; but with all the end of season sales and the new spring collections coming out its a good time to start shorting and looking at what your closet is missing. I have a pretty simple classic style that usually doesn't go out of style, so I've put together a top 10 wardrobe essential list. My top 10 wardrobe must haves, that go will carry you through every season. They can be mixed and matched with seasonal and trendy pieces too; so you can always be able to just pull any "old" outfit out of your closet in the morning an be out the door, without looking like you rolled out of bed.
1. Blazer: if you ask some of people I know, they think its silly to wear blazers "for fun." But that is utterly absurd; I love blazers. Its a super fast way to look preppy and put together in a jiff. Through it on with a white t-shirt and a pair of pants or shorts (for spring/summer) and you're out the door looking adorable. I have a few! I recommend a classic navy blazer, it goes with everything; so if you're new to the blazer that is were I would start. I also found this blazer (pictured) from J. Crew over winter break. J. Crew always has cute blazers to choose from and it you hit the sale section you can get them cheap. I got this on the sale rack, with an additional 40% off, minus $50 from a gift card, I paid a total of $20 even. So if you keep your eyes open and know your sizes you can ALWAYS find great deals like this on high quality items.
2. Jeans that Fit: This is so important. Today jeans are what almost all of us wear everyday; so it is important to find a pair that fit properly. Ladies, I know sometimes this can be a search that last years. But heres some tips I've found. Try, try and try again; it never hurts to try another pair of jeans, or to try the a brand again; you never know when they've restyled or resized their selection. I've found that investing a little bit of money can be worth it. I would say try a pair of jeans that is just a little higher then you might want to spend, then find the sale rack or the outlet. Twice now I've gotten Banana Republic jeans that ranged from about $75-$85, at the Outlet store for $25; and I've also found $98 J. Crew jeans at the outlet for $30. So keep trying and don't forget those outlets! (Also, I like to try things on in the store and wait for it to go on sale online- then you already no it fits if its a final sale)
3. Pearl Earrings: I choose pearl earrings, but what you really need is a classic pair of earrings or any piece of jewelry that will be classic and go with anything, dressed up or down. Classic pearl earrings for example can still look as good paired with a casual t-shirt and jeans as they do in a nice evening dress for a night on the town.
4. Clean Crisp Shirt: a super fast way to get up and dressed in the morning an crisp button down oxford shirt. I love them... enough said!
5. Colorful Scarves: I wear scarves everyday almost. Most of my clothing is pretty basic so I add color and personality through accessories, and scarves are my favorite!
6. Classic Little Black Dress: Perfect for any occasion, especially the surprise occasion; its always nice to have something you can pull from your closet in a pinch.
7. Black Ballet Flats: Perfect with any outfit; skirts, shorts, jeans, to that little black dress. Plus you won't kill your feet if you have to do any significant amount of walking.
8. Skirts: You need to have at least one cute little skirt. One can't wear jeans everyday; a cute skirt can be work dressed up or down, in the spring, summer, fall and winter. I would love a cute skirt like this a in bright color; it would be so simple to put with a basic t-shirt and flats!
9. Boots: these riding style boots, are adorable, and you can find them every where in every price range. They have been really popular this year, but still give that classic look that will never go out of style. Wear them with skinny jeans or jeggings (or leggings for that matter), a little dress or a cute little skirt. Wonderfully Classic!
10. Navy (and/or Black) Cardigan: This is a MUST. I myself am a cardi-addict, and my favorite has to be my Jackie cardigans from J. Crew. and my black cashmere cardigan from Ann Taylor. Have as many as you want in as many colors and patterns as you want as long as you ALWAYS have your basic go to black and navy.
Those are my go-to items that I always have to have in my closet. What are some of your wardrobe essentials?
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  1. I love this post! Fabulous advice, and I had a similar experience with finding a J. Crew blazer on a deep sale - it always makes the purchase that more exciting :)

  2. Love this post! It is so cute, and so true! You are right on the money! <3

  3. Great list! I can't live without these items :-)