Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Cups!

Its official! Starbucks now has their christmas/holiday cups out, I heard them playing christmas music and stores have christmas trees out, it is officially holiday season!
What does this mean? It means I'm breaking out the hot chocolate, gingerbread men, winter oreos, christmas movies and music! It might be too early for a tree, but we're almost there! I love old movies and the classic christmas one are my favorite. I love Its A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, and a few more modern classics like Elf or A Muppet Christmas Carol.
For most people its too early for a tree, but that hasn't stopped by from buying ornaments yet! I already bought a few of these santa ornaments for myself and my friends, and I may have bought an ornament that looks like a pair of Christian Louboutin peep toes, how can a shoe lover resist!
I can't wait for the holiday season to fully kick in, with caroling, christmas tree lighting on the Boston Commons, Christmas movies at the Brattle theater in Harvard square. I love this time of year, is all focused on happiness and christmas cheer, family & friends, lights, and everyone is always in a better mood! I wish it could last forever, just after christmas is never as much fun.
Maybe a tree could be acceptable this early if I put turkeys on it? I'm going to try and see how that goes over with my roommate. Until next time Happy Blogging and holiday season!

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  1. I love your polyvore set! I went and got a latte today and I was so excited to see the holiday cups! I cannot wait until everyone is in the Christmas spirit, I love this time of year!